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How to play blackjack, six must-know online casino game rules and tips


How to play blackjack

1. Basic introduction of Blackjack tricks

Blackjack is a common way to play in casinos.

The goal of the player is to get the points closest to blackjack, and can't over blackjack, then compare the number with dealer.

No.2-No.10 cards are calculated based on its points, card A is regarded as 11 points or 1 point. K, Q, and J are often seen as 10 points.

If a down card and an up card in the hand are respectively an A card and a ten-point card, this deck of cards is called Blackjack, which is bigger than any cards with a total of 21 points and is the trump card in the game.

At the beginning, everyone will be dealt a down card, and bet after saw the card. The dealer will issue another up card. If the total points of the two cards are 21 points at the player side, the hole card will be opened immediately and the dealer pays double bet to the player.

If the first two cards of banker have total 21 points, each player has to pay the bank double bet, the player with the first 2 cards total with 21 points can only pay a rules bet.

When all players each have a down card and an up card in their hands, the dealer will ask the players one by one in a clockwise direction if they would like to draw again.

According to both current points of player and up card points of bank players are able to decide whether to make up cards or not.

The dealer will ask the next player if to draw another card after the previous player decides not to add any cards.

It's available to raise when the player considers the next card will bring his points very close to 21, regardless of the number of draw, the deck after the raise can't be added anymore.

After a player asks for draw, if the total points of the cards in hand is over 21 points, the player has to reveal all the hand cards, all his bets will be given to the bank immediately.

No matter what the total card points of the bank is, the dealer could take away the player's bets without opening any of his own cards.

When the last player standing the card, the dealer has to open his hole cards and to draw. The bank must continue to add cards if the total points are less than 17 points.

The dealer could choose to compare points with each player separately. The bank pays the bets if the points are smaller than that of player; wins the bets if the points are bigger than that of player.

If the total points of the player is already bigger than the bank, he can choose not to against first, but to draw and compare later. (Seems to be played in Taiwan only.)

If the first two cards of the player have the same points, he could choose to split the cards and raise the bet to the same amount as original for each card.

blackjack variation

2. Blackjack, special card counting skills

Here are 3 special tricks of blackjack:

(1). Blackjack Insurance

The player could consider to "buy insurance" after seeing the up card is A of the bank, because if the down card is 10 or J, the player directly loses.

The insurance premium is half of the original bet amount. The following are 4 possible situations:

A. Player buys the insurance
Bank gets the Blackjack → Bank pays double claims to the player.
Bank loses the Blackjack → Bank takes away the insurance and continue to make up cards or compare the points.

B. Player doesn't buy the insurance
Bank gets the Blackjack → Bank takes away the bets of player.
Bank loses the Blackjack → Continue to draw or compare the points.

(2). Blackjack split

If obtains two cards with the same points, the player could choose to split the cards, and raise to the same bets as original for each card. Especially when the two card A is splitting, even there's a draw of card 10 or card J later, it can't be seen as a Blackjack, can only be regarded as twenty-one instead. In other words, if the dealer also gets A and 10 or J, the dealer wins.

(3). Blackjack double down

When the player is sure that the card points in the hand will defeat the dealer after adding one card, then the player could make a double down, that is, the player will get double value if wins. However, it's no way to use double down if the player knows he got the Blackjack from the beginning.

3. Blackjack must-learn terms and card counting

Blackjack terms

(HIT): Draw cards.
(STAND): Stop drawing.

equal to the original bet and split the first two cards into separate decks. Please make sure the points of these two cards must be the same (i.e., a pair of 8, two pairs of K and Q). After split into two decks, a card A and a card 10 can only be counted as 21 points, not a Blackjack.

(INSURANCE): If the up card of the bank is A, the player could buy insurance based on the next card of the dealer is a 10-point card, which is half of the original bet. If the dealer gets a blackjack, the player will win twice the insurance bet; if the dealer does not get a blackjack, the player will lose the insurance bet and the game will continue as usual. Blackjack is bigger than other cards with a total of 21 points.

The must-memorized card counting method to win a Blackjack/Twenty-One:

Card A, 10, J, Q, and K are regarded as "big cards", card 2 to 5 points are seen as "small cards", and 7 to 9 are not included in the calculation. Plus 1 when encounter a big card; minus 1 if meet a small card. After counting these numbers, the larger the total number added, the more small cards are left in the rest of deck, which means the dealer will be less likely to bust when making a draw, and has an upper hand in the game; on the contrary, the smaller the total number calculated, the more advantageous to the player.

Therefore, the player has to be patient to remember each number of card dealt from the beginning of the game. Start betting according to the practical situation after few rounds. For example: Until the 10th round, the total number is counted as -7, which means that almost all cards been dealt are small cards. That is, the probability of over from the dealer will increase, and the player can then stop drawing at the right time, waiting for the dealer to bust out and lose the game.

4. Twenty-One points "high-low method" card counting skills

Assuming the appearance probability of 52 cards is always the same, in other words, each card is drawn from an infinite decks of card, or to say that the cards played before do not affect the cards that haven't showed up. All in all, each card is independent.

However, it's apparent that there's no way to have such card box consisting of an infinite decks of card. The cards have been showed up on tables will always affect the cards that haven't been played. In the time when card counting method just appeared, the casino still used a deck of cards to play blackjack, in which made the effect more obviously. For example, if the dealer issues cards, you got two 10-point cards (including J, Q, K), the up card of dealer is a 10-point card, and his down card is also another 10-point card, then we could have a reasonable evaluate that the percentage of 10 to show up in next round is no longer be 4/13, it is 12/48(1/4), that slightly lower than 4/13. Similarly, the probability of other points is no longer be 1/13, but 1/12.

For games like roulette, the result of each turn is not related to the last time. There are also games like Pai Gow, in which the cards are shuffled every time a round is played. In such games, each gamble is independent between each other. Nevertheless, each turn of blackjack is not independent before the reshuffle. Which card appears in the previous hand will affect the next hand. Therefore, if we can remember what cards have played before, it's easier for us to roughly predict the future trend of the betting and adjust our own bets, to raise the bet when having an upper hand. Players will benefit to bet a little or even not to bet when the dealer holding an advantage.

(1). The "High-Low" card counting method

Nowadays the popular card counting method called "High-Low" method. During the game, we could count as +1 point for every 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 card that appears, and card 7, 8, 9 as 0 point, count card 10, J, Q, K, A as -1 point, and add every point together. The larger the total number is, the more small cards that have already appeared, and benefits the player more. On the contrary, if the result is a negative number, it means that the big cards have showed up more than that of the small cards on table, which is beneficial to the dealer.

For example, the cards that appeared before are: 4,9,10,5,J,A,8,10,Q,2,6,K,J,7, classified the points into 4 small cards minus 7 large cards, which is- 3. No need to say that during the game, you are not able to ask the dealer to suspend the game and let you calculate the points slowly. You have to count the points silently as long as each card comes out. For instance, in the above example, starting from the appearance of the first card, calculate in your mind: 1, 1, 0, 1, 0, -1, -1, -2, -3, -2, -1 , -2, -3, -3.

In practical applications, you could also use the skill of two cards counting method, since generally the dealer deals cards much faster, you can easily offset many large and small cards that appear at the same time, which improves the card counting speed and reduces possible calculation error. Just again take the above sequence for example, if counting two cards at once, they will be: 1, 1, -1, -2, -2, -2, -3.

If it is only a deck, -3 is already a very bad point, you should place a minimum bet or stop playing at the moment. But generally speaking, the current casinos usually use six to eight decks of cards, that is, 14 cards have been dealt out of the six decks of 312 cards, and 298 cards are left. The average number of points per deck is (-3) × 52/298 = -0.5, which is still in tolerance.

(2). How to adjust the bet

When the points are getting bigger, how to raise the bet. Each player has his own habits and calculation. J. L. Kelly of Bell Labs inferred the theory that, if you have the advantage of A and the total cost is R, then the optimal bet is B = A * R. For example, if you have a capital of NT$10,000, and you have a 1% advantage at present, then you should bet NT$100 in this turn. This betting method is called as Kelly method, which can earn the maximum return in theory. But it can only be regarded as the upper limit for betting in practical. When the point is 0 or negative, the player should place the minimum bet, or to stop betting and wait until the points become positive.

Last but not least, the casino will take action if it thinks you are counting cards. There is no place in the United States that makes card counting illegal, but in Nevada, the court considered that casinos, as private clubs, have the right to enforce their own rules, and can prohibit card counters from participating in gambling. In other states, players cannot be prohibited from playing games, but casinos can draw more cards in the game to make card calculation be less accurate. One of the major advantages of online blackjack games is that you can use all the basic strategies and card counting methods more slowly without the aggressive sight from the staffs, to largely reduce the house advantage of online casinos and winning the chips. So let's go on a blackjack tour now.

To sum up, blackjack is a real skilled game. Players could refer to the following information for reference:

Banker advantage Normal 3-5% Basic strategy 0.5% Card counting Negative

v means the above table shows that after the player adopts the basic strategy, the house advantage is reduced from 3-5% to 0.5%, while the player takes the card counting skill, the advantage changes from a negative number to a positive number. Therefore, with good strategies and put lots of psychological training into practice, you are able to minimize the house advantage and gain the most enjoyment from the game.


5. Three indicators of Twenty-One points card counting skills

There are multiple option of card counting methods in blackjack. There are three indicators for evaluating a card counting method:

  • betting efficiency
  • playing efficiency
  • insurance efficiency betting efficiency

It is the card counting method that tells you when to place a big bet or a small bet.

Playing efficiency is based on count to determine the basic strategy variation, to provide you when 12 to 5 should be hitting and when 10 to 10 could be double. Insurance efficiency means when to buy an insurance at the best time.

Among these three indicators, the first two are the most important. But there is no method of counting cards that can be optimal within these two indicators is because of these two indicators are mutually exclusive, one increases while the other decreases. And the main reason is the card A, which is definitely a good card for betting. If you know that there is an Ace in your following cards, I will place the maximum bet at least, even if it is not a blackjack, I still have a lot of opportunities to get good cards.

But if you hit and here comes a card A, I would say in most cases it will not help you a lot, or even worse is when doubling 11 and comes with a card A (the occurrence number of 11 is higher than the occurrence number of 10) In this case, we should choose the proper card counting method according to the rules.

Twenty-One points practical card counting method

Basic blackjack card counting skills

Generally speaking, for 6 deck or 8 deck blackjack, betting efficiency is the most important, basically focus on how many bets you place is way more important than how you want to play in the game. As for the 2 deck or 1 deck blackjack, playing efficiency accounts for a large proportion, you have to choose an algorithm with high playing efficiency for this kind of game.

Considering the practical experience, I would like to introduce the algorithm that uses very often to everyone. In 6 deck, by using hi-low count, 789 is not counted, 10 and A are regarded as -1, and from 2 to 6 is seen as 1. Some algorithms change 2 and 7, but the difference is not big. Both 2 and 7 are slightly beneficial to bank while point 9 is kind of good for the player, so one man's loss is another man's gain. In 2 deck, I will improve this algorithm and make A as a side count, so there will be two counting systems in my mind. One is containing A which gives my count to determine how big I should bet; as for the other is not containing A. 10 is counted as 1, from 3 to 6 is regarded as 1. The result of this algorithm counting determines how to play the poker in my hand.

Counting skill is difficult to master

Obviously, this algorithm is difficult to master, but fortunately it only needs to be used in 2 deck or 1 deck, the number of card A is not too much, which can usually use fingers to calculate. In 2 deck game, using card A as a side count could increase profits by at least 20%, while in 1 deck, it is close to 35%. However, for 6 deck game, it can only improve a little bit, and there are too many Aces in 6 deck, which is not suitable for side count.

I initially lost out a bit in 2 deck game in casino, but later I learned that the game penetration was too bad, which was really not worth playing. So I just want to find a better 2 deck game in Las Vegas. Making card A as a side count and 1-8 times the betting spread will definitely be a dead win. The trend of 2 deck game cards is much easier to predict than that of 6 deck.

So if you want to study blackjack, you have to study on how to play 2deck or 1deck. Once you encounter this kind of game with good rules, you will make a fortune. Last, for who occasionally goes to the casino to play blackjack, the easiest way to count the cards named A-5 count, is very simple that you can tell if the cards on table are dealt with more card A or card 5, if card 5 are dealt more, place more bet in next turn, but if all card A came out, place less bet. The reason is simple that usually card A is the most beneficial to players, while the card 5 is the most beneficial to banks. If you make a 1-2 betting spread, this algorithm is basically for the good game to break even. However, this is just a very simple skill, which is only suitable for those who seldom go to play BJ.

6. Several common betting methods for blackjack as follows

Blackjack odds

(1). Flat bet

Place the bet with same amount every time. This kind of skill is more practical for a newbie and don't have to consider the trend. Generally player is able to get 50%-60% of the bonus.

(2). Chase loss

There are 2 types of chase loss. The first type is to bet according to the way of 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256. As long as you don't lose 9 turns consecutively, can you win 1 dollar per cycle, and the balance steadily increases.

The second type is a discontinuous chase loss, looking for the opportunities to bet in the way of 2, 4, 8, etc. In theory, it is no different from the first type, but because the probability of win/lose streak in online casinos is quite big, this method is slightly better than the first type.

The biggest weakness for the above two types is win little but lose large. My advice is for those friends who use chase loss should not more than 3 to 5 times. Once you lose, try again. In addition, sometimes you encounter a split or double situation will be more complicated to deal with. The loss is greater once lost.

(3). Trend follower

The biggest principle is to control your maximum bet and set up the stop loss point by using this method. Log out when it’s out of situation.

(4). How to play kingcash

There are only two bets of US$1 and US$500. Assuming you’re going to win, bet US$500; and if you’re close to lose, bet US$1. In theory, it also belongs to the category of trend follower. However, it should be said that it has held some of the weaknesses of the software. For example, if you think the probability of your next hand winning is greater than 60% after a push or blackjack, then you can with US$500.

(5). Law of all in

The first turn puts all the bets, win if won, lose if lost. Because of the bonus advantage, you’ll win double or more if won, but only lose 1 time if lost. This method is not suitable for newbie because of the insufficient principal. If losing in a row, you are not able to play anymore, but it is more suitable for noncashable bonus casinos

(6). Compound gain

This kind of method is the most aggressive play. That is, put all your bet in every time, if wins 5 or 6 times in a row, you made double of 16 times bets. However, this kind of play has a very low probability to win and it is much easier to lose all your shirt.

The above methods, except the first flat bet can take some dividends, it should be said that the other methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.

As long as they are used properly, each method can work well.

blackjack betting desk

Blackjack strategy

Flat Bet

The risk is small with rare profit, and takes much time. It is a completely a shoe betting method for novices. Nothing left to say.


This is what we often call the Chase Lose method or you can call it gambler plays. It is the favorite play for gambler who is in a losing frenzy. If you lose, place a double bet from the previous round. For example, if starting from $1, when you already lost for 6 consecutive rounds, the bet to be placed in the 7th round will be $64 and the ultimate goal is to bring back all the previous losses which is the most unsuccessful method of betting.

First of all, many casinos have a maximum bet limit (Max Bet), such as 100 or 300 knife. It will not continue once the limit is reached. Second, the most important point that is the casino software fair?

As mentioned before, losing streak is a very common thing in casinos, even if it starts with $1, you have to play $256 after 8 rounds losing streak. Can you hold on till 8th game of losing streak?

Even if you can, do you dare to bet $256? It is very likely that you will still lose. I even suspect that the casino has analyzed player's psychology and use kind of trap to eat money easily, the bet will be emptied if player are committed to competing with the casino and missed the situation. When the dealer wins 3 or 4 rounds in a row, especially if you come with 18 points, and dealer gets 19 points, later you have 19 points while the dealer gets 20points, this is the most dangerous sign because you are no longer betting on your luck.

The winning percentage will be much lower than 50%. This is why Martingale is the most unsuccessful betting method. It is equivalent to play and put all your money in the pocket of casino.

As long as the casino wants, it can take them away at any time. Chase Lose is a road of no return, the more you want to pay off the loss, the further you will keep playing on this road.

Never take your chances. Once the tendency of losing streak is established, it is hard to change.

The correct method of betting is to win streak with a strong determination! Place a big bet when the time is right. More than 90% of big bets are on the basis of last round winning bets.

If you win 2 or 3 hands in a row, you can consider place a big bet. If the cards in your hand are very complete, for example, each hand comes with card 9, 10, A, that will be a good sign.

There is no specific statistics, but normally my chances of winning with a big bet are more than 60%.

I would recommend everyone bet according to the 1%-10% rule, that is, 1% of the often principal, and bet 10% when facing the chance, so that the bet can be completed quickly but also ensure the chance of winning.

Boyar tactics

Contrary to the Martingale, the Boyar tactic only increases the bet when wins. The risk is relatively small, while maintaining the possibility of making a big profit. This is a more radical method. If you win a round, immediately place all your bets and winnings in the next round. If you bet from 1 to 8 consecutive victories, you can make a profit of $255 (1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128).

And of course, if you face an eight-game losing streak, you will only lose bet of the 8th round with a small risk. This is the preferred method of betting, by using the rewards to make a bet, but also could afford the loss when losing. If the winning streak is grasped correctly, the profit is also considerable. Quit while you’re ahead, otherwise you will win in vain.

Although the winning/losing streaks are more common in casinos, you must understand that the odds and round length of winning streaks of players are greatly exceeded by the casinos.

To be frank, gambling with a casino is like playing an unfair game. Be vigilant at all times in the casino, be like a hound with a sensitive sense of smell, and place a minimum bet if the situation is not being controlled. The more you play, the better you understand the underbelly of the casino. Besides, don’t be irritated easily by the casino.

For example, if you have 20 points, and the dealer turns out to be having 21 points which indeed makes player feel depressing.

At the moment, keep calm and laugh it off, remind yourself not to fall into the trap of the casino. Just surrender the game if the conditions are not in your favor.

60%-70% Principle

Set yourself a profit target every time you play, and leave when you reach it, don't be greedy. For mixed bonuses, just quit when the bet amount is reached.

If the funds start to fall after reaching the highest point, within 60-70% of the highest point, it's the time to withdraw and keep most of the profits.

If the funds keep falling, then it should be withdrawn at about 60-70% of falling percentage and stop the loss in time.

Because at the moment, you may be mental breakdown. He who has health has hope, to fight again next time.

Last but not least, the importance of mentality is calm, compulsion makes things worse!

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