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10 Essential Skills and Concepts for Playing Baccarat Online Casino


Baccarat or you can call it Chemin De Fer is one of the most popular casino games in Asia and even the world. If you are in Macau today, comparing Baccarat and Blackjack, the number of gamblers who played Baccarat is 20 times more than gamblers who played blackjack, and the amount of bet is more than a hundred times.

Recently, online casinos have emerged not only on Internet but its word also appears in free articles that collects a highly attention from gamblers, and Baccarat has become a sign of highlight among many online casinos. From the beginning of computer random shoe to the Baccarat live broadcast that simulates live casinos, Baccarat has a relatively high flow of gambling capital that attracts lots of sports betting attention.

Baccarat has a lot of intensive gameplay methods, although the secret of winning does not exist, and the game is actually a negative-received game, it is difficult to achieve profitability, it has its unexpected condition for all kinds of Baccarat method. However, it is certain that the entire strategy of Baccarat is determined by two factors, risk and odds. Based on these two factors to select the best Baccarat choice.

There are plenty of Baccarat combat plans, and all the various playing styles were made up of practical history. The following is the Baccarat introduction of skills and tactics.

No matter what kind of Baccarat, only the one that suits you the most is the sure mode to win. If you would like to active studying Baccarat but don't know how to start, the following 10 methods are the critical information that can help you try to find out your way.


1. Baccarat straightforward to the final

Baccarat straightforward to the final is the most direct method among various Baccarat. The operation of this method is based on a basic code, starts betting immediately after losing is aimed to have advantage of a breakpoint of winning percentage to withdraw all funds.

Baccarat straightforward to the final is not with double up, nor continue the play despite win or lose. There is no concept of victory or loss, only the chips will never fall until reaching the goal.

For example, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20. A good plan needs to be arranged in advance. The purpose of the plan is to have effective usage and the ability to bear the deal of the capital. Consideration factors are capital, table limit, and winning rate. The differential of straightforward to the final could be adjusted according to your assumptions.

The bigger the differential, the greater the ability of breakeven but with weak ability to bear; on the contrary, the worse the ability to recover capital but with a stronger ability to bear.

(1). When losing at the beginning, do not raise the bet. Upgrades the bet after winning once, and continue the rest.

The advantage of this method for us is that if encounter a large consecutive loss at the start, you can save a lot of bullets and save considerable money for subsequent strikes.
It's a bit like the physical energy allocation strategy in martial arts competitions.
Example: the formation is -1, -1, -1, -1, -1 ... +1, +2, -3, -4.

(2). Winning midway, do not raise the bet.

The effect of this variant is similar to the previous one, that is, the bet goes flat after winning, and upgrades after losing. The advantage of the style is the bearing capacity is acceptable and the bet will not be lost in a high position. While the bet is in a high position, it can offset winning or losing, the extra wins could offset the deficit. Any method has to fulfill required condition of win rate support, it can't be helped to fall back if the rate is too low.
The bets can drop at about 42% winning rate.
Example: the formation is -1, -2, -3, -4, -5, +6, +6, -6, -7, +8, +8.

(3). Loss goes flat, win upgrades.

The advantage of this strategy is the ability to recover the capital is strong, but the ability to bear capacity is normally acceptable. The disadvantage is the bet rises quickly when the winning streak is less, but the profit cannot effectively offset the negative hand. This kind of style will upgrade faster when jump after winning once and should be careful to avoid it.
Example: The formation is -1, -1, -1 ... +1, +2, +3.

(4). Win or lose goes flat

Add bets but not upgrade when winning, maintain the bet height until face loss to a certain amount. When winning a certain amount, upgrade the bets. This method has the most powerful bearing ability but at the same time the ability to recover the capital is not that strong. Here is a suggestion, increase the differential as long as the winning rate fall slightly, it's successfully complete the task.

2. Baccarat gradually advance to winning method

Baccarat gradually advances to the winning method is a strategy of win and loss that frequent changes. The method is to advance max.3 hands when loss, and drop out max.1 hand when win and return to the high position immediately, bet 1, 2, 3. If not being able to succeed, be careful of long-term loss, and change your formation in time.

(1). Jump out the population, make a big negative move and fall back.

For instance, -25, +125. These are for 1 hand, drop out when not successful and adopt other options to compensate the loss. +200,-50 is also the same strategy. It's necessary to use this method to achieve maximum profits when hard to win a streak. If the mode of winning remains the same, continue until the opponent deforms.

(2). Sneak attack, kill once

Example: 1, -1, -1, -2, +5 is a kind of sneak attack, the bet is supposed to be -1-2-3-4, total of 10 bet units of loss. Now we adopt such method, there's only 5 betting unit loss in the previous part which lays a foundation for bet 5.

3. Baccarat loss back/win advance method

When facing two consecutive offenses fail, must force to switch. There are various styles, to mainly reflect on how to retreat and how to enter the game. If not able to back every hand, it's available to have lost twice a back or three times a back. Based on the principle and winning rate and grab the chance. It's not recommended to hit the high position at once when entering the game, hit the middle position instead, and use the medians basis to gradually increase or with a flat bet that slightly higher than medians to forward.
Example: the formation is -5, -4, -3, -2, -1, -1. +1, +6.

4. Baccarat cutting your losses method

Baccarat cutting your losses method is applicable for every failed method. As its name implies, it's the same as the tail docking when the gecko encounters an attack. Tail docking is for survival, not abandoned, and this is the purpose. After facing Baccarat failed, the current method can no longer be forcibly terminated and find out another pattern. The loss after the termination is not canceled but temporarily record on the account. Restart when the situation is ripe or when the principal is allowed to proceed again. It's a bit difficult to use Baccarat cutting your losses method, here's most complaint that starting a loss double up with a relatively high bet but ended up with failure which leads to the game interrupted. What I want to say is that no matter when you play any styles, the winning rate remains the same. You could always re-enter the game after disconnection, and then continue to play. What will the result be different? Some versions said that if I keep going, and I might be able to win the hand and successfully complete the task.

5. Baccarat smoke and mirrors method

When the game proceeds to a considerable number, the winning rate will eventually return to balance, the so-called "smoke and mirrors". Strictly saying it's not a double up, but a complete strategy.

All negative hands are suppressed by a bigger winner hand. At least in the case of a tie, it's possible to look for a corresponding win for all the losses in the entire field. This is not correspondence in winning rate, but a bet.

The above effect has to be achieved at this interruption point of all occurrences for a 50%-win rate. And only when winning rate is 50%, double up will stop restarting. Betting does not emphasize the continuity.

When facing loss at the start, assuming -5, if the funds allow (at least 300-500 chips), you bet 10 and win, then this round is over; if it loses, then bets 10 again, and if loses, 10 and again. . . Until you win a hand of 10, to offset the previous -5; then bet 15 or 20, offset the previous -10 after every win, until the principal returns; if the previous -10 is fully offset, the new -15 appears several and principle does not return, then bet 25 and clear the previous -15 in turn. Since it's just an embryo, it cannot be used directly. By such method, it will be greatly destroyed by the following strike sooner or later.

When it wins at the start, retract a little bit. If retracts to loss, then one plus one loss. Profits in hand, the winning rate is not earned, but earned the capital. If the retraction wins, then put the bet advances. +5-4+5+6 until negative. How to deal with the following if loss a big hand? There are two options: one is to hide the negative hand into the previous victory, such as +5-4+6+7-8. In fact, these five hands can be regarded as -6-6+6+6+ 6. That is to say, this is also a basic skill for converting bets. Don't stick to the hand -8, give a hand 5. If loss, 3 wins and 3 loses and earned one to end the battle.

After talking about the techniques, let's talk about the basic concepts.


6. Baccarat is the least "House Advantage" game

The meaning of "house advantage" is that the winning rate of casino is higher than that of the customer. We can calculate the expected value of betting for every game in the house, which means that the amount you can recover for every NT$1 commission, subtracting the expected value of recovery NT$1, and turns out to be house advantage.

The main reason why baccarat is loved by lots of players is its right.

There is no such thing as takes all in baccarat, a tie is drawn, the original bet of banker and player will be retained and to continue the next one.

7. Baccarat "Chance of open bank" is absolutely higher than open play

Due to the different regulations of draw for Banco and Punto, the percentage of winning between two is different. After calculation, the 8 decks of Baccarat used by the house have a 45.86% chance that banker wins while punter wins with a 44.62% chance, others are the percentage of opening a standoff.

Baccarat won't take all in a draw, so the actual probability of winning is over 50%. After 5% borrowed, it will be lowered to under 50%. This 5% borrowed is to balance the expected value between bankers and punters, thus, the probability of Baccarat to offer bank is definitely higher than that of punters.

8. Do not touch Baccarat "Tie, Pairs"

The probability of draws and pairs of Baccarat is not matched with its odds. In fact, the probability of opening a draw is 9.51%. After the odds return of 1:8, the expected value is only 85.56%, that is, the house edge of stands is as high as 14.44%, and the house edge of pairs is 12.15%.

9. Don't touch New to "Trend, Double up"

Big trends or small trends of Baccarat are formed through the principles of statistics. They are worth reference to the theoretical site. Statistics is "the sorting of accumulated records in the past", but it can only be regarded as an "indirect speculation" for the future. The guess result will be different based on the range of independent event setting is different.

Thus, if you can't understand the effect of each card on the results of Baccarat, these big trends and small trends will have a very limited effect.

The result of amateur learn the trend is that they often get lost in the last.

10. Baccarat "Card Counting" is available

Due to the different regulations of draw between Banco and Punto in Baccarat, the winning rate will be different as well, the influence of each card on the dealer and punter will be slightly different.

Through the conversion of drawcard rules, the numbers around 4 may have a greater impact on the winning result in Baccarat. The card counting method uses a direct calculation of the remaining cards, so the accuracy will be more exact than the indirect surmise of big/small trend. However, a positive or negative card that is enough to affect the outcome of the game is rare in Baccarat.

Thanks to the advanced technology, people could gamble in the house or play the second selection online casinos, nowadays player has the third option to simulate a real side of gamble through the liquid crystal screen and paid for the virtual games.

Casino Gaming Tips and Terms

* Natural card: means the total number of the first two hole cards dealt is 8 or 9. Unless the other hand card is a natural 9, a natural hand card 8 wins and automatically ends the game, and that's the best hand card in gambling.
* Community cards: a.k.a. board, are the cards that shows on table for everyone to check.